Welcome to my new blog!

I recently returned from teaching English in Hungary for a school year.  If you would care to read about teaching, volunteering, and traveling in Europe, please visit: Hungary for Adventure.

Now my husband and I are about to reclaim our cat, load up our stuff, and move to a new state.

My camera has been collecting dust for the past month, but I am going to start snapping photos again soon.

My current goals are finding employment, studying French and Spanish, publishing some freelance writing and/or a book, and training for a 5K.  I might ramble about any of these topics.  Basically, I’m a twenty-something who is trying to lead a purposeful, meaningful life.

Attempting to tune out what the media, etc. tells me should make me happy and truly seek my own path isn’t easy.  If you are a “millennial,” I’d love to hear your thoughts on finding a career in a struggling economy.  If you are of an older and wiser generation, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.
As one of my Hungarian high school students put it:  I always listen to advice.  But that doesn’t mean I always take it.

So, please hit “subscribe” and stick around!  You can expect about one post a week.


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