Dreams of Summer

Four months have slipped off the calendar since my last post. What happened? Work consumed me, and I considered abandoning this blog altogether. Now, I’ve rearranged some things in my life, and this seems like the opportune time to revisit this digital space that I’ve created.

To briefly summarize:

In November, I took the GRE.

In December, the cat decided all the Christmas presents were for her.

nessie presentsAt first, I was enchanted by the winter wonderland that central New York became:


But as I was assaulted by snowflakes, I felt like this poor little squirrel:

squirreliiAt the end of December, I finally submitted my graduate school applications.

In January, I waited to hear about graduate school.

In February, I waited to hear about graduate school. I signed up for yoga classes to battle with the stressors in my life.

March didn’t really come in like a lion. It has been cold and gray. But I finally heard about graduate school! Looks like Jesse and I will be in the same history program.

My body and soul are in desperate need of sunshine. It’s not that I dislike winter. But I wish I could eliminate the muddy, slushy, dirty mess that marks the transition from winter to spring. As in, just remove February from the calendar.

I know spring blooms will be here soon. In the mean time, I will share some photos from last summer:




DSC_8671redI am already looking forward to the bright, humid, sticky days of summer, but I know I really should savor the present. Spring is a fragrant and joyful season. Spring is about growth, and I intend to focus on personal growth. I became frustrated recently because I was no longer happy with my job. Last August, I told myself I would do that job until I started graduate school. I had made a commitment. I was locked into that path. I feared change. I told myself I had to stick it out.

When I finally admitted to myself that sticking it out wasn’t going to work, I felt immense relief. And new opportunities came my way.

Embracing change is never easy. But in the future I hope I can more quickly acknowledge when I have gained all that I can from an experience and allow myself to move onto something new.

Question of the day: How do you approach change? Do you embrace it or avoid it?